The easiest way to swap pics with your friends

No more low-quality images, disappearing photos or AirDrop chaos. Just you, your friends, and the memories you’ve made together, all in one place.

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Illustrated diagram showing a pile of photos from a birthday on a farm in the US, with doodles and a smiley sticker over the images
A pile of photos of a group of friends from a day at a lagoon, showing some Picnic UI to "Add pics" and "Invite friends" to a swap, and some decorative stickers reading "fresh pics" and "join the swap"

No-hassle photo sharing

We’ve done away with painful album setup. Just select your pics and start a swap with your friends in seconds – no digits needed, and no iCloud woes either.

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Two-tap uploads

Two-Tap Mode makes it super easy for your friends to add their pics by pre-selecting photos from the same date range and filtering out screenshots automatically (you're welcome).

A selection of camera roll images of a holiday with friends in Rome, where all the photos have been selected and the screenshots have not
A side-by-side comparison showing a zoomed-in pixelated image of a plant next to an identical image with no pixelation. The pixelated image has a doodle crossing it out, and the clear image has a circle doodled on it, and a sticker reading "original quality"

Original quality pics

When you and your friends upload to Picnic, all your photos are downloadable with no compression or pixelation.

A graphic showing a comment conversation on a photo. A friend called Nikita has commented "such a great night" and another friend called Lily has commented "i loveee this one"

Private social

On Picnic you have all the social features you need to chat about the moments that never make it to public profiles.