The photo-swapping app you’ve been waiting for

No more low-quality images, AirDrop chaos or cluttered camera rolls. Just you, your friends, and the memories you’ve made, all in one place.

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Illustrated diagram showing a pile of photos from a birthday on a farm in the US, with doodles and a smiley sticker over the images

Swap pics instantly

Drag your pics and drop them on your friends to start a swap. Then they do the same. Easy.

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Pick your favourites together

You all have 24 hours to upload and favourite the pics you want to keep. Everything else goes.

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Build your shared camera roll

A clutter-free scrapbook of your best-loved moments from each friendship.

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Multi-select downloads

Only save the pics you need – no more duplicates clogging up your phone.

Original quality

Your memories don’t deserve compression or pixelation.

Everyone gets involved

Your friends have to send pics to see what’s been uploaded.


Do I need an iPhone to use Picnic?

No, that would be mean on our green bubble pals. Picnic is available now for iOS and Android.

Where is Picnic based?

We’re a small team with an office in London, but we also work remotely from Manchester, Barcelona and Capbreton.

Are you gonna sell my data to advertisers?

No way. On other social apps, you’re the product and advertisers are the customers. We may charge for premium features in future, but our business model will never rely on advertising.

Is Picnic an evil company?

Picnic’s a registered B Corp, which means we’re held to super-high standards of accountability and transparency when it comes to our users and staff. No power-hungry billionaires here.